Elan Blanc Magic Grow Chenille


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These chenille "magic" grow-gloves are a popular classic. The "magic" grow chenille fabric stretches to conform to your hand size. Wear as a warm, comfortable glove for children, or a perfect glove liner for adult size hands.

Elan Blanc's ski and winter accessories are gathered from a wide variety of resources around the world. Items are imported from Europe and Pacific rim countries as well as Central and South America. For over a quarter century this diverse resource base has enabled Elan Blanc to offer an incredibly broad variety of fashion accessories both machine manufactured as well as hand-made from around the world.

evelynrmsdz (not verified)
Jamaica, New York

Thu, 02/13/2014 - 4:53pm


They grow on you

These gloves are very comfortable and truly grow to your size. I am enjoying them very much.