Hyperlite Flex CGA Life Vest (Men's)


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The Hyperlite Flex CGA Life Vest is a no-nonsense flotation device that's great for wakeboarding, waterskiing, boating, or headed to the cable park. The segmented foam panels keep you flexible and comfortable, while the U-Back construction provides a close fit and lumbar support. Best of all, the Hyperlite HL Vest is a Coast Guard Approved design so you don't have to worry about having separate PFDs for the board and the boat.

  • US Coast Guard Approved Type III Personal Flotation Device
  • U-Back construction provides lumbar support while improving fit
  • Segmented foam panels allow for unrestricted movement while still providing adequate buoyancy
  • Two concealed 1.5" straps secure vest for a comfortable fit without pressure points
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