What is 98main?


About 98 Main
What is 98 Main?
We're a site that sells one piece of outdoor gear every day at one very low price. Every day, we do our part to set you up with a little more gear at prices you can not only manage, but even get excited about. And, thanks to our product forums, we're a site you can turn to for open, honest discussion about the gear we sell: What works, what doesn't, what people like and don't like about the deal of the day.

Who's behind it?
98 Main is brought to you by Peter Glenn. For over 50 years, Peter Glenn has been selling high-quality outdoor gear. The staff at Peter Glenn works with hundreds of different outdoor companies across the outdoor industry, and they use those connections to get great deals for you at 98 Main.

What does "98 Main" mean?
98 Main is the address where it all started for Peter Glenn's one small store in Vermont at 98 Main Street where people could get the gear they needed to enjoy the Green Mountains. Fifty years and many stores later, Peter Glenn wanted to return to its roots and create a new place where people and gear connect. Since Peter Glenn first opened its doors, Main Street may have moved to the information superhighway, but some things haven't changed: People still want a place to go for great deals and honest advice.

How 98 Main Works
What is your return Policy?
All products may be returned for refund within 30 days of receipt. Products must be returned new, unused, with original tags. Please enclose a copy of the receipt using the label in your order. Ship Returns to: Peter Glenn Ski and Sports: RETURNS 2688 NW 29th Terrace Oakland Park, FL 33311 We process most returns 48 hours after receiving the item.

These are great deals! I want more stuff! Do you sell more than one product?
It's not easy to find these deals! 98 Main features just one product per day. At 9 am EST, a new product becomes available, and it remains available until it sells out or a new product replaces it the next morning.

Why does your only product say "Sold Out?"
We sell only one product per day. Quantities of every product are different, but supplies are always limited. If the I Want It! button you'd normally click to purchase has changed to Sold Out, you've missed out. Check back again the next day for another great deal.

Can I preview what'll be available tomorrow?
No. Each new product is revealed, and available to buy, at 9 am EST.

Can I buy a product later if it didn't sell out?
No. Each product is available for just one day. Once it's replaced with another product on the homepage, it's no longer available for sale.

How many can I buy?
Our goal is to make great deals available to as many people as possible, so each household is limited to just three items per day. The policy also exists so that people won't buy up lots of stuff and then resell it. We're not a wholesaler, here to supply merchandise for people to sell at higher prices. We're here for you, so please buy up to three items and enjoy.

Placing an Order
Do I have to create an account to shop at 98 Main?
You don't have to create an account to shop at 98 Main, but most people prefer to. When you create an account, your information is kept on file, so you don't have to retype everything every time you want to buy something. Also, while you don't have to create an account to shop, you do have to have an account, and be logged in, to post on the forums.

Will you save my account information for next time?
If you create an account, we save all your information: name, address, billing information, and credit card number if you like, for you so that checking out is easier. You just need to type in your user name and password.

Is my information safe?
Yes. Your personal information is important and we take it very seriously. Your personal information is secure, we use your information only for the things you tell it's okay to use it for, and we never sell your information to third parties.

Product Forum
What's the product forum?
98 Main is not just a place to buy cheap gear. It's also a place where you can get open, honest feedback and information about gear. The forums are a public space where people can talk about the products we sell. You can share advice and opinions about what you like and what you don't like, whether you think something is a good deal or not, or anything else you think is relevant to the product. We think the forums make you a better consumer and make us a better retailer. The product forum for today's product is available by clicking the Product Forums tab below the product. To view forums on past products, click the Product Forums tab at the top of the page.

How do I post a comment?
If you have something to say about a product, please add your comments to the forum. You just need to be a registered user and logged in. Click the Post a Comment button to create your post.

What kinds of things can I post on the forum?
Our forums are available to be helpful. With that in mind, please post comments you think will be helpful to our community. Feedback on a product, the brand, similar products, prices, and other information related to the products are all helpful. Feedback on your experience in dealing with us is helpful too. Really any information you would like to have before buying something is probably helpful to someone else. Some things that are not helpful are: offensive language, personal attacks, advertisements, spam, and off-topic posts. Kids like outdoor gear, too, and they should be able to use this site without their parents being worried. Our moderators will remove any posts that are inappropriate, and multiple offenders won't be invited back.

Are forums about past products still active?
Yes. You can view forums on past products, and add a post, at any time by clicking the Product Forumsab at the top of the page.

If You Have More Questions
I have a question about today's product. Who can I ask?
The best place to take your question about a product is to other users. Post your questions about the product on the forum, and you'll get answers from people who probably know more about the product than we do. We also check the forums regularly, and if we know the answer to your question, we'll chime in too.